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Product Name: Heat Transfer Label
Main Material: Silicone and PET Release Film
Applicable fabrics: Common and High-elasticity fabric
Specification: Customized Size
Wash@40℃: Excellent
Washing Test: More than 20times(30mins/time)
MOQ 100pcs
Payment: L/C,T/T, Credit Card,Western Union, PayPal(for small order)

What Are Heat Transfer Labels?
Heat transfer Labels (also known as HEAT SEAL and TAG LESS) are one of the most popular labels in the apparel market. From simple camp labels through name labels, swimwear, athletic, dancewear, lingerie, babywear to a brand label, heat transfers have become the “I want it now” product.

It is a process that imprints a design onto an item through the use of heat and pressure. Often the design is printed onto a paper or a synthetic carrier and then applied to the desired item, most commonly textile products that are going to be in direct contact with the skin, such as underwear, swimwear, sportswear & t-shirts.

Heat transfer labels are very durable and can withstand dozens of wash/dry cycles without fading, cracking or splitting. Any type of design can be made as a heat transfer. No commercial grade equipment is needed for the application process, just a simple household iron will be sufficient for most types. For specialty transfers, high volume orders and faster processing, a commercial heat press is recommended.
How Do You Apply Heat Transfer Labels?
● Heat Transfers Garment tags can be applied using a household iron or commercial heat press.
● The application will vary depending on the fabric composition as well type of the transfer label.
● Always follow the manufacturers applying instructions.

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